About Us

Our Founder

The man behind the foundation and establishment of YORKY Mixed Martial Arts is Nicholas “JJ” Lee. Originally born in Singapore and later moved to Thailand to pursue his Martial Arts career, Nicholas was the first Singaporean to capture a regional MMA Championship title at Bantamweight in Indonesia against current Champion Gugun Gusman, and was the youngest to be signed to ONE Championship at the age of 17 only a year into his career. He’s also a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Purple Belt under professor Major Overall and has coached in various different countries such as Cambodia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand.
Nicholas "JJ" Lee


YORKY¬†Mixed Martial Arts was originally founded in 2017 with a small team of amateur and professional fighters borrowing another gym’s facilities at the time to prepare for competitions. However when the facility decided to shut down permanently we put together an amount of money to make it into an actual establishment, with little name and experience from the beginning every step of the way was carefully carved with amateur competitions into professional stages such as ONE Championship, Pancrase and Full Metal Dojo. We were never known as a big gym or a expensive equipped gym however our reputation are built by pure competition in the ring or cage.